Monday, 14 September 2009

Sterling silver

I was in the Etsy forums the other day and noticed someone had put on a question "do you go for sterling silver or silver plated?". I was curios to know everyones choice as my jewellery is silver plated. I use silver plated because its cheaper to buy so keeps my selling costs down and I have never had any problems wearing silver plated jewellery. So in the forum about 97% of people were saying they prefer sterling silver and dont mind paying the extra cost of it. After this insite I had a think and decided to buy a few items of sterling silver to see how well it sells. I went online and placed a sterling silver order for 3 different wires, ear hooks, jump rings, chain and some bolt rings so I can start offering a sterling silver option. Im quite excited to recieve my order and will keep you updated on my sterling silver items as I make them.


  1. From the perspective of a nobody who just likes buying jewelry for my wife sometimes on a limited budget - I like sterling silver :) I don't know why, but my wife likes it too, and it looks great against her hands. Our promise ring was sterling silver because I was pretty broke at the time, and she wears it on the opposite hand of her (gold&diamond, not quite as broke when we got married thankfully haha) wedding set.

    By the way, so you know where I found the blog, I believe your husband Dave has been a regular reader over at my guitar gear blog - my apologies if I've contributed to any household strife related to the purchasing of large quantities of software or guitar pedals or the like ;)


  2. Hi there, well me I prefer silver to be honest. I'm not too happy to put silver plated into my ears. Some of my cheaper earings in the past often left a roll of sliver something or another in my ear (not nice!) Sue x

  3. I prefer sterling silver if not 14 kt gold, although I can were 14kt gold filled as my ears seem to be more sensitive then others. I've started making my own ear wires out of sterling wire as it is cheaper.