Thursday, 23 June 2011

London in London.

Well like I said in my previous post, me and my husband moved to London in February. Dave works as a contractor computer programming and originally when he first applied for this job we planned that he was going to be living in London 4 nights a week and then coming home at weekends. We live about 3 hours from London on the train so a daily commute was not going to be possible for him and we have 3 house cats which would make it difficult for us to rent a flat with them, so we decided I would stay at home. I came to London with him before his contract was due to start to help find somewhere for him to rent, but after speaking to an estate agent who seemed to think we could find a landlord that would let us rent with our 3 cats we decided that we would both move here, so we did. We have kept our house back home for us to go back to at the end of the year when Daves contract finishes and I go back home every few weeks to check on everything, do some gardening and see family and friends. The one thing I miss about our house back home is the garden as we don't have one here. Anyway the flat we are living in at the moment is in Westminster and literally a 5 minute walk to the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey, its not to far from Buckingham Palace either and we live really close to St James's park which we love going to. The great thing about the location is that we're in the centre of everything. The flat itself is modern and spacious and I think we struck gold finding it, it really feels like home here already. Also the funny thing we found out when we moved in is that Cilla Black lives on the top floor and I've seen her twice now.

We have been everywhere in London since we moved here, I could almost qualify as a tour guide :) We've had family and friends visit us over the past few months and I've loved showing them all the places to see and I've really worn them out from dragging them round everywhere. We went and watched the London marathon for the first time and when William and Kate where getting married around the corner from us we went and took photos of all the people camping outside the Abbey which was strange to see. I'm not a Royal enthusiast and not a fan of big crowds so on the day of the wedding we just stayed in and watched it on the TV.

Also I've been getting more into my photography since we moved here as there's a lot of interesting things to shoot so I'll add a few of my photos here and keep you all updated on what happens next....

 The London Eye taken from St James's Park.

St Paul's Cathedral.

 Guards having band practice.

Water fountains on the South Bank. The Gherkin is the building in the background.
Big Ben.

 Houses of Parliament.