Monday, 31 August 2009

Making beads with polymer clay

Its bank holiday Monday here today so I'm spending the day at home crafting. This is just a quick post to show you the gorgeous colours of polymer clay I'm going to be using to make beads. I'm using Fimo in metallic gold, plum, leaf green, light turquoise, sunflower and purple violet (which is really just a strong pink). I chose this palette with colours of India in mind which I absolutely love and cant wait to get started.

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Tasty home baking

My Chocolate and Raspberry Pavlova.
Basically I made 2 meringues and sandwiched them together with freshly whipped double cream, raspberry coulis, fresh raspberries and chocolate sauce. The top was finished using fresh raspberries, and drizzled with raspberry coulis and chocolate sauce. Delicious!

Lemon Meringue Pie.
This was my second attempt at making lemon meringue pie. The first time I made it was straight forward enough, everything was going great until it came out of the oven. I didn't realise that I would have to leave it for quite a few hours before cutting into it. So Dave and I had been waiting for the oven timer to go off so we could start eating it. I left it to cool for about 10 mins and just couldn't wait any longer, I needed to try it. I placed it on the chopping board and cut into it and the lemon filling came oozing out in liquid! Quickly we both got a spoon and we ended up eating the whole thing between us as I was unable to save it. Needless to say we both felt a bit sick afterwards but it was very tasty which led me to have another go. This time I left it overnight and it was perfect!

Cupcakes with Strawberry flavor icing and Sprinkles :)

Saturday, 29 August 2009

My 3 triple troublets!

Fudge. Hes a semi long haired cat. Hes Jasper's brother and he is 3 years old. His favorite hobbies are watching the birds, anything to do with water, sleeping, having lots of cuddles and sitting in boxes (even boxes he cant fit in!). He goes by various names, Fudge, Fudgy Fudge cake, The Fudgester and Fudge Muffin.

This is Jasper. Hes Fudges brother and is 3 years old. Hes a semi long haired too. His hobbies are sleeping, eating absolutly anything off the floor, eating, having lots of kisses and strokes and watching flies. He also goes by various names, Jasper, Jaspy, Jaspy Jasp and Jassy.

This is Milly (the boss of the 3 as you can tell by the photo). She has no relation to Jasper or Fudge. She is a tabby and is 6 years old. Her hobbies are being as irratic as possible, sleeping, having lots of strokes, eating prawns and telling the brothers off! She goes by the names of Milly, Milster, Lil Mil, Lilly Milly and Lilly Milster.

First post :)

This is my first post of my new blog. I have recently set up making my own jewellery to sell and will be updating regularly with my new creations.

A bit about myself: I have been married for 10 years to my husband Dave whom I met when I was 15 and I'm a stay at home wife which I love and feel really fortunate to be. We have 3 house cats, Milly, Jasper and Fudge which are the most lovely little things but get up to all sorts of trouble :). I love different crafts and always have something on the go, whether it be knitting, cross-stitch, making something for the house with my sewing machine, making beads or little things with polymer clay, card making, glass painting or anything else that I can turn my hand to. I absolutely love craft shops, I could and I do spend too much time in them just looking at all the colourful pretty things! gorgeous fabrics! rubber stamps! paints! card toppers! beads! beautiful wool! and all of those coloured and metallic sewing threads, the way they are presented all in order of colour just makes you want them all doesn't it! I'm one of those people that if I want something new either clothing etc or something for the house I can never find that specific thing I have in mind anywhere in the shops so I spend hours and hours searching the net for that perfect thing! That's one of the benefits of crafting is that I can make it myself if I want it. I also love baking and cooking, it tastes loads nicer than shop bought and it is really satisfying to see the final result as with all my crafting hobbies. Well that's it for now, hope you visit again soon!