Thursday, 5 November 2009

Cold weather and furnace glass :o)

The cold weather has started and the clocks went back here a couple of weekends ago and its just not nice! The only thing that gets me through the winter is my pjs, dressing gown and soon to be electric blanket :o). As I sit typing this Im waiting for my husband to finish his work and come with me to the supermarket as Ive decided its essential I have an electric blanket.  Last night I just couldn't get to sleep as my face was numb from the cold! 

I know I haven't updated my blog recently but as promised I have added a couple more items to my shop, made using furnace glass which I love.  I think the colours in both sets of these sterling silver earrings are just beautiful, greens and purples are my most favorite colours.

Anyway Im off to get my electric blanket now and then a mug of hot chocolate before bed, and if the weather is turning cold and wintery where you are then make sure you all keep toastie warm!!


  1. Here in Florida, we are just starting to feel the autumn weather. The weather is very nice to enjoy the outdoors.

  2. Im so jealous. Im sure I was made to live in a hot country where the temperature doesnt drop below 68f.