Saturday, 29 August 2009

First post :)

This is my first post of my new blog. I have recently set up making my own jewellery to sell and will be updating regularly with my new creations.

A bit about myself: I have been married for 10 years to my husband Dave whom I met when I was 15 and I'm a stay at home wife which I love and feel really fortunate to be. We have 3 house cats, Milly, Jasper and Fudge which are the most lovely little things but get up to all sorts of trouble :). I love different crafts and always have something on the go, whether it be knitting, cross-stitch, making something for the house with my sewing machine, making beads or little things with polymer clay, card making, glass painting or anything else that I can turn my hand to. I absolutely love craft shops, I could and I do spend too much time in them just looking at all the colourful pretty things! gorgeous fabrics! rubber stamps! paints! card toppers! beads! beautiful wool! and all of those coloured and metallic sewing threads, the way they are presented all in order of colour just makes you want them all doesn't it! I'm one of those people that if I want something new either clothing etc or something for the house I can never find that specific thing I have in mind anywhere in the shops so I spend hours and hours searching the net for that perfect thing! That's one of the benefits of crafting is that I can make it myself if I want it. I also love baking and cooking, it tastes loads nicer than shop bought and it is really satisfying to see the final result as with all my crafting hobbies. Well that's it for now, hope you visit again soon!

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