Saturday, 29 August 2009

My 3 triple troublets!

Fudge. Hes a semi long haired cat. Hes Jasper's brother and he is 3 years old. His favorite hobbies are watching the birds, anything to do with water, sleeping, having lots of cuddles and sitting in boxes (even boxes he cant fit in!). He goes by various names, Fudge, Fudgy Fudge cake, The Fudgester and Fudge Muffin.

This is Jasper. Hes Fudges brother and is 3 years old. Hes a semi long haired too. His hobbies are sleeping, eating absolutly anything off the floor, eating, having lots of kisses and strokes and watching flies. He also goes by various names, Jasper, Jaspy, Jaspy Jasp and Jassy.

This is Milly (the boss of the 3 as you can tell by the photo). She has no relation to Jasper or Fudge. She is a tabby and is 6 years old. Her hobbies are being as irratic as possible, sleeping, having lots of strokes, eating prawns and telling the brothers off! She goes by the names of Milly, Milster, Lil Mil, Lilly Milly and Lilly Milster.

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