Saturday, 3 October 2009

Custom orders

I have been quite busy lately so I havent updated my blog for a while.
Just over a week ago I had a customer convo me in my Esty shop asking me if I could restring some jewellery for her that was done in macrame as she liked the macrame jewellery I made and sold in my shop. I agreed to do it for her so she sent me her items. She wanted her 2 turquoise bead bracelets restrung in the same way they were originally strung with the same colour threads. The second piece was a packet of small pearls she sent and wanted them made into a bracelet the same way the turquoise bracelets were made. And the last piece was a black thread necklace with silver beads she wanted changing onto brown silk thread that she supplied. I was very pleased with the outcome as I didnt have a clue what she was going to be sending me because she didnt have a camera so she couldnt take any photos of what I would be working on, I was just going to try my best to do what she was asking as I wanted to help her. I finally finished them yesterday and sent her photos of them and she was over the moon!
I have done custom orders in the past where someone will ask if I can make something that I already sell but in a different colour.  I think maybe I might start offering restringing option too.

Turquoise bracelets

Pearl bracelet
Brown necklace

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