Sunday, 28 February 2010

Handmade cards

Hi everyone. This is just a quick post to share with you all the Valentines day cards my husband and I both made each other. I know Valentines was 2 weeks ago and I'm a bit slow putting this post on but nevermind. We decided rather than do our usual thing of buying each other a card we would make each other one which is more personal and special. I really love receiving handmade things and it makes it really special if its from a loved one. I started making cards for everyone about a year ago because I love doing all different crafts and card making is one of them I thought I would enjoy.

This is my card to Dave.

And this is his card to me. He has never made a card before and it was the best card I have ever received!

Inside he done this stencil rose that he cut out and used foam pads to stick and raise it off the card which I thought was amazing.


  1. The cards are really beautiful...wish I could do that!