Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Don't get scammed like I did

My husband and I enjoy buying DVD box sets for things we're really into watching. About a year ago we got into watching the American sitcom King of Queens on the Comedy Central channel and decided to buy the box set so we could start from the beginning and work our way through. We're really loving it but we're 2 seasons away from the end so I thought I would get us a box set for something else to watch when King of Queens has ended. We both really love American sitcoms and another one we have enjoyed a few episodes of is Everybody Loves Raymond. So a couple of weeks ago I searched the Internet for the complete box set for it and came across a site called (DO NOT BUY FROM HERE) which was the cheapest I could find, £60. If you have ever bought a complete DVD box set you will know that they don't come cheap (the King of Queens one we bought was about £100). So anyway the website had good prices and seemed genuine so I made my order through Paypal. 2 weeks later they arrived from China and because of the cheap price and it being shipped from China we started to have a few doubts as to the DVDs being genuine. Once unpacked the box that contained the DVDs looked how I expected until I opened it up to look at the discs which were in plastic envelopes, which didn't seem right. I also tried playing the discs, we have a multi regional DVD player that can play discs from any country, but only about 8 out of 44 would play! Quite a few of the discs were also scratched. I realised that the box set we had been sent was a pirate copy so I contacted Paypal about this and luckily the seller refunded our money within about an hour of complaining! I found the genuine box set on Amazon for £111 and ordered it and was very happy when it arrived, no fakes this time. Has anyone else had problems like this before?

This is the first box set that arrived. Its slightly smaller than the real one and has different pictures in the windows and door. Other than that you wouldn't be able to tell.

^ This is the genuine one .^

The fake one once opened. Discs in plastic pockets in 2 boxes labeled box 1 and box 2.

Inside the genuine one with the discs inside season folders and a booklet of the finale script.

I've bought quite a lot off the Internet in the past and have never been scammed until now. I will definitely be more cautious of websites that are selling things with prices that are 'too good to be true'. I just wanted to share this experience with everyone to make people aware of things like this.

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  1. That's always been my nightmare from buying anything from the net. So far, nothing has happened. Still, comparing things overall, outside of the shock of receiving rubbish, the return policy worked about as smoothly as face-to-face store policy does.
    Enjoy the show, by the way, I think Raymond's mom is one of the best character actors on American sitcoms.