Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Slow times on Etsy...

Well my sales in my shop on Etsy have been almost non existent this year which is a bit disheartening. I had my friend Michelle round my house for Sushi last night and I showed her the jewellery I have made. She said that the women she works with would love my designs and I should let them see them. I packed a few things up for her to take into work today. To be honest because of the slow sales on Etsy I wasn't too sure that she would sell anything, then this morning she contacted me to say that as soon as she had got out the jewellery at work they had swarmed round and were fighting over the pieces! Well she has ended up selling 3 things so far for me with 2 requests for a necklace to go with a pair of earrings someone has their eye on and another charm bracelet which one of the women had bought. So all in all its been quite a success and I'm over the moon!

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